Our Program

Rep19 connects state and local women officeholders to share experiences, solve problems, and ultimately find ways to become the best public servants possible. From seminars on how to advance legislation, to facilitating interactions with allies and key leaders, Rep19 helps elected women build long-lasting political power. Rep19 also engages women activists in support of elected women.



Through online gatherings and statewide events in person, Rep19 facilitates meaningful connections among elected women with one another and also their supporters. In these closed session meetings, Rep19 women are able to share best practices and find solutions on how to create meaningful change.

Sharing successes

Much of the amazing work happening in local communities by elected women is siloed. Rep19 surfaces these achievements and shares them with the world. By sharing best practices, we also help elected women solve problems and advance their agendas.

Expert Panels

There is no playbook for public office. Rep19 amplifies on- the-job learning by providing members with access to panels led by nationally recognized thought leaders, elected officials and experts. Examples include seminars on how to combat online harassment and best practices for the first 100 days of office.