Marilyn Mosby, Advisor


Marilyn Mosby is the State's Attorney for Baltimore, and is among the youngest chief prosecutors of any major city in the US. An avid public servant, Mosby served as Assistant State's Attorney for Baltimore City from 2005 to 2012, before being sworn into office in January 2015. She has lobbied local and state lawmakers to bring Maryland sexual assault law into line with federal law – legislation that would allow prosecutors in sexual assault cases to use any previous sex crimes of the accused as evidence. Mosby is also an active member in her community, and has set up several initiatives of her own, including 'Aim to B’More', which provides nonviolent drug offenders an alternative to serving time in prison. 

Marya Stark, Founder


Marya has founded several successful organizations that advance women’s power.  She is a co-founder, Founding Executive Director and Board Chair Emeritus of Emerge America, the premier training program for Democratic women who want to run for public office. She is also an Advisor to Wellville, which works with communities to improve the social determinants of health through stronger civic coalitions.


Soraya Chemaly, Advisor


Soraya Chemaly is an award-winning writer and media critic whose writing appears regularly in national and international media. She speaks frequently on topics related to inclusivity, free speech, sexualized violence, data and technology. She is the director of the Women’s Media Center Speech Project and organizer of the Safety and Free Speech Coalition, an international civil society network dedicated to expanding women’s civic and political participation. Most recently, Soraya released her latest best seller "Rage Becomes Her.”

Zoe Pagonis, Advisor

Zoe Pagonis.jpg

Zoe has a background in democratic politics with a focus on content creation and relationship management. She served as Governor Martin O’Malley’s first-ever Digital Director, was the online voice for the Democratic Party and was a digital consultant on the Maryland Marriage Equality campaign. Most recently, Zoe helped establish operations for Emerge in New York.