Power Through Education Webinar Series

Rep19 and Vote Run Lead are proud to present the Power Through Education webinar series. This free series features our country’s top thought leaders, elected officials and political experts. Please see the schedule below. Feel free to register for as many webinars as you would like. The webinars are for elected women and self-identifying women activists. Please note that some webinars are limited exclusively to elected women. All webinars will be at noon est / 9am pst. Information will be sent out prior to the event.

  • How to Build Coalitions with Framingham Mayor Yvonne Spicer and Heidi Sieck - 3/6/10 - Register

  • Media Strategy with Jehmu Greene - 3/15/19 - Register

  • Combatting Online Harassment with Soraya Chemaly (elected women only) - 3/22/19 - Register

  • Trends from the Field with Celinda Lake - 4/12/19 - Register

  • How to Build a Grassroots Army with Amanda Litman and NY State Senator Jessica Ramos - 4/19/19 - Register

How to build coalitions with Mayor Yvonne Spicer and Heidi Sieck - Wednesday March 6, 2019 at noon est


Yvonne Spicer

Mayor of Framingham, MA

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Heidi Sieck


Mayor Yvonne Spicer is Mayor of Framingham, MA.  Mayor Spicer was previously the Vice President for Advocacy and Educational Partnerships at Boston’s Museum of Science.  She started a teaching career in Framingham and rose to department chair before accepting a leadership position in the Newton district where she led initiatives to involve business leaders, colleges and universities in new programs. She earned a Doctorate of Education in 2004 at UMass Boston, and was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Humanities degree by the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts.

Heidi L. Sieck is the CEO and Co-founder of #VOTEPROCHOICE, Previously, Heidi was the founding Chief Operating Officer of Civic Hall and Democracy.com and interim Chief Operating Officer of Rock the Vote in Washington, D.C. She served as Chair of the Board of Directors of the National Institute for Reproductive Health (formerly NARAL New York). She is an Advisory Board Member of MarchOn Sister March Network, VoteRunLead and Emerge New York. Most recently, Heidi was a partner of the Women’s March on Washington and a member of the Policy Table responsible for writing the intersectional Unity Principles.

This webinar will explore how to build successful partnerships and get involved fighting for progressive causes. Open to women activists and elected women. Register here now.

Media STrategy with Jehmu Greene - Friday march 15, 2019 at noon est

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Jehmu Greene

Fox News Contributor

Jehmu Greene is an evangelist for social good, Fox News Political Analyst, and political strategist. Throughout her career she has worked to build high impact social justice movements. A widely sought-after speaker, Jehmu's commentary has been featured on The Daily Show, CBS News, NBC News, ABC News, The New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, Rolling Stone, Essence Magazine, and others. Prior to Fox News, Jehmu served as President of the Women's Media Center and President of Rock the Vote. Jehmu has worked on more than twenty political campaigns at the local, state, and national levels, including serving as an advisor and surrogate for Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign.

This webinar will explore the nuts and bolts of creating and executing a successful media strategy. Open to elected women and women activists. Register here now.

Combatting Online harassment with State’s attorney for Baltimore marilyn mosby and Soraya Chemaly - Friday March 22, 2019 at noon est


Marilyn Mosby

State’s Attorney for Baltimore

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Soraya Chemaly

Writer and activist

Marilyn Mosby is the State's Attorney for Baltimore, and is among the youngest chief prosecutors of any major city in the US. An avid public servant, Mosby served as Assistant State's Attorney for Baltimore City from 2005 to 2012, before being sworn into office in January 2015. She has lobbied local and state lawmakers to bring Maryland sexual assault law into line with federal law – legislation that would allow prosecutors in sexual assault cases to use any previous sex crimes of the accused as evidence. Mosby is also an active member in her community, and has set up several initiatives of her own, including 'Aim to B’More', which provides nonviolent drug offenders an alternative to serving time in prison. 

Soraya Chemaly is an award-winning writer and media critic whose writing appears regularly in national and international media. She speaks frequently on topics related to inclusivity, free speech, sexualized violence, data and technology. She is the director of the Women’s Media Center Speech Project and organizer of the Safety and Free Speech Coalition, an international civil society network dedicated to expanding women’s civic and political participation. Most recently, Soraya released her latest best seller "Rage Becomes Her.”

This webinar will explore how to handle online harassment and intimidation. Open to elected women only. Register here.

Trends from the field: A look at 2019 and beyond with Celinda Lake - Friday April 12, 2019 at noon est

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Celinda Lake

President, Lake Research Partners

Celinda Lake is one of the Democratic Party's leading political strategists, serving as tactician and senior advisor to the national party committees, dozens of Democratic incumbents, and challengers at all levels of the electoral process. She is one of the nation's foremost experts on electing women candidates and on framing issues to women voters. Her interviews and statistics have been quoted in the Washington Post, New York Times, Wall Street Journal as well as a variety of magazines, including Newsweek, Glamour and Marie Claire, and Celinda has appeared on numerous television and radio news programs, discussing her work and providing expert commentary.

This webinar will explore what is going on with the political landscape in 2019 and how it’s shaping up for 2020. Open to elected women and women activists. Register here.

HOw to build a grassroots army with Jessica ramos and Amanda Litman - Friday APril 19, 2019 at 3pm est


Alessandra Biaggi

New York State Senator

Alessandra Biaggi is a member of the New York State Senate representing District 34. Biaggi earned her B.S. in communication studies from New York University in 2008 and her J.D. from Fordham Law School in 2012. She also graduated from Women’s Campaign School at Yale University in 2014.

Her professional experience includes working in Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Counsel’s Office as the lead counsel to the NYS Council for Women and Girls, as the deputy national operations director for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, as the assistant general counsel for Governor Cuomo’s Office of Storm Recovery, and as a legal fellow for New York State Homes and Community Renewal.

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Amanda Litman

Co-founder and CEO, Run for Something

Amanda Litman is the co-founder and executive director of Run for Something, a PAC which recruits and supports young, diverse progressives running for down-ballot office — since 2017, they’ve elected more than 200 people across the country. She's also the author of Run for Something: A Real Talk Guide to Fixing the System Yourself, published by Simon & Schuster in 2017. 

This webinar will explore how to build a grassroots army and how to manage one. Open to elected women and women activists. Register here.